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Yes The Bank Will Modify Your Loan, They Just Won’t Deal With You…
After I declined approximately 30 loans in early 2009, I knew that I had to do something to help my clients through the declining real estate market as well as the tough economic times. I was beginning to get more phone calls concerning the need to lower their monthly payment due to a hardship or potential employment issue. I tried researching different types of loan programs, loan modification, as well as talking to certain banks and lenders about their own loss mitigation guidelines… and nothing, I got nothing other than “Just have your clients call their bank and work it out with them…”. Well, that’s a joke. If you’ve ever called your mortgage servicer, you understand that most of the time you are talking to someone that speaks fluently in another country, and 10 times out of 10, they cannot help you… Countrywide alone has over 23,000 listings themselves and they are a bank, not a real estate firm… these banks do not have the time or staff to take on any more foreclosures… So eventually after trying to help a client through a loan modification in February, I realized that 3 months and hundreds of hours later, we finally got through to someone in their loss mitigation dept. that could help us, and eventually they did – 2 ½ months after that conversation… So, 6 months later, and numerous payments in default, my client’s loan was modified, but come to find out, very poorly modified, and now they were stuck with paying back all past due payments as well as the reduction in interest rate as capital gains (the importance of using an attorney assisted loan modification company). But check this out – in March, a miracle happened at Disney Land of all place… I took my family on a vacation to Disney Land and met my wife’s uncle Ken. I’ve heard about Ken, but never met him. On the way to dropping us off at Disney Land, we began talking about what he does, and immediately, I felt like a kid in a candy store, as though I was talking to the Babe Ruth of finance… (forget Disney Land I said, let’s go back to your office, but unfortunately Jenny would allow that…) He has been originating loans in Orange County for years and he basically stopped originating loans to begin modifying loans… California is one of the hardest hit states from our recent housing bubble and Ken, thinking outside the box, shifted gears in 2008 and is strictly modifying loans today. He has partnered with a law group in Orange County and together they are changing lives, seriously – amazing, credible, stuff that it keeping people in their homes, and securing their mortgage. He showed me some amazing examples of how they are taking hundreds of clients from higher 6%-7% interest rates, to 3%-3.5% fixed for 30-years… this stuff was amazing. He showed me numerous examples of people they were even able to help reduce their principle balance and interest rate together… I was ready to start doing this full time once I returned from my vacation. However, I got back and my company published a press release prohibiting any of their loan officers to participate in loan modification up in WA State… so in the meantime, until we can, I am referring people to my uncle Ken in California… Let me know if you have someone in mind that is in a hardship or faced with losing their home. I will get you his contact information- it’s never too late. SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THIS NEWS! IT IS TRULY UNBELIEVABLE!!!

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