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Set your calendars for Saturday, August 28. Dan Keller, Seattle Area Mortgage Advisor and Cheryl Lewis, Real Estate Agent with REMAX in Bothell are hosting a Homebuyer Education Class sponsored by the Washington State House Key State Bond Program.

Each student will leave the course as a certified House Key Homebuyer, and will be eligble to use the Washington State House Key State Bond Program to assist with their down payment and/or closing costs. More so, House Key has a few new programs that homebuyers can look into. For example, the A New Home For You Program is a fixed rate, 30-year loan program specific for purchasing new construciton. A great loan program and option as we continue to see new homes being built in the Everett area.

Each student that attends Dan Keller’s House Key State Bond Homebuyer Education Seminar will get a FREE Pre-Mortgage Credit Analysis as well as a complimentary lunch.

For more information on registering for a FREE House Key Course with Dan Keller, please e-mail Dan at

REGISTER NOW – August 28, 2010
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