**Monthly Budget Class**

You’re Invited To A VIP Client Event the 1st Wed of Every
Month (virtually w/ me at my office)!

RSVP below to reserve your seat!  We will start right at 6:30p.

Virtually (for now) via Zoom:  RSVP here – CLICK HERE

Agenda: Budgeting – Debt isn’t a math problem, it’s a behavior problem!
–  Budgeting 101 and how to complete & stick with your budget – 6-Steps to Financial Freedom w/ Dan
–  Take the Financial Awareness Test – Dan Keller Financial Awareness Annual Test
–  Where Are You Now Wealth Test – Download HERE
–  How to begin investing (401k, stocks..) Guest speaker: my financial planner
–  How to invest in real estate
–  Long-term retirement calculations – How Much Do I Need To Retire? CLICK HERE
–  Credit score – how to improve it and what debts to pay off

Let me know if you have any questions! I look forward to seeing you this month!

My email is dankellermtg@gmail.com
Phone/Text: 425-350-7136

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