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Our Top Loan Officers Make Over $200k Per Year – We Have High-Quality Buyer Leads & Realtor Marketing Program For High Quality Loan Officers…

See raw footage of how my loan officers and I are generating buyer leads 24/7 without relying on real estate agent referrals. My Team of loan officers learn how to leverage Youtube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and WordPress to grow their business, so they can turn around and help their real estate agents grow their business too!

If you are not getting this level of marketing, support and training with your current bank, let’s talk about how I can arm you with the tools to help you grow your business!

What if your bank helped you establish a Social Media Strategy (over 500 Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Connections (each), along with over 7000 Youtube views…)? What if your bank took care of disclosing, compliance and follow up for you? What if your bank had cutting-edge online marketing programs to present to builders, realtors and local business owners that GUARANTEED referrals? (Keep watching, this is what I do for my loan officers…)

See What We Are Doing At The Dan Keller Group…

– I set my loan officers up with exclusive REO/Fannie Mae HomePath accounts (agents) to roll out my FNMA HomePath Marketing Program (working with top FNMA listing agents to marketing their listings and be their preferred Fannie Mae HomePath Lender (

– We teach Clock Hour Courses for real estate agents on Social Media, Blogging, Video and Credit Repair

– I am invited into the top real estate offices to present on the above mentioned topics… Offer in-house lending jobs to my loan officers

– Exclusive Builder’s marketing/preferred lending program

Bubble-Proof & Recession Proof Your Business…

– Exclusive, one-on-one advanced training for video, blogging, and social media with me. All of my loan officers blog, learn how to rank higher on Google, and are building their online brand through twitter, facebook, google, and linkedin

– Home of the Guarantee. At Hometown Lending, we close all pre-approved files on-time!

– Very competitive comp plans that include buyer leads at no less split…

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