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FHA Approved Condo Seattle and BellevuePreviously, if a condo building had not already been pre-approved by FHA, the FHA buyer would have to go through a “spot approval” process, wherein the particular unit the buyer wished to purchase would be cleared for FHA financing.  Recently, FHA did away with the spot approval process, causing many buyers (and even agents) to think that if a building is not already pre-approved with FHA, then a buyer cannot use FHA financing to purchase within it.  That is incorrect, however, and the new process may even be MORE beneficial to FHA buyers.  Beginning in January 2011, all condo projects will need to be re-approved, or maintain a HRAP/DELRAP status through HUD.

When HUD eliminated the “spot approval” option, they also established a new guideline that allowed for all detached condos to be considered as Single-Family Residences, therefore, no HUD approval is necessary.  See a previous blog post for more information on this: 2010 Seattle Condo Guideline Changes.

Visit this page to check whether or not a condo is approved or not – Seattle Area HUD Approved Condo List

Visit this previous blog post for more information on applying or re-applying for HUD/FHA condo approval

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