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The Washington State USDA Home Loan is a great resource for First Time Homebuyers. However, consumers, Realtors and builders often misinterpret many of the guidelines pertaining to this great program.  I have created this site as a resource center to help assist you in gathering information on purchasing a home with the USDA Home Loan. Take a few minutes to watch this short video below.

Below, you will find everything that you need to know about the Washington State USDA Home Loan – Property Eligibility Link, Household Income Requirements, Property Condition Guidelines, and How To Qualify for a USDA Home Loan.


Print off USDA eligible maps or enter in an address directly and get instant “Eligible” or “Ineligible” findings.


Find out more about the Max Household Income Guidelines – [can be tricky, ask Dan for a clearer explanation]


IMPORTANT – This step is often overlooked by Realtors. USDA Eligible Properties MUST meet a certain condition criteria


Find Out If You Are Eligible for a Washington USDA Home Loan – Get Approved Same Day with Dan Keller

I hope that you found this site helpful! For more information on using the Washington State USDA Home Loan Program, you can contact me directly at (425) 350-7136 or you can text me anytime at that number as well.

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[Please be advised, USDA Mortgage Insurance Guidelines changed Oct. 1, 2011, and are subject to change. Please contact me directly for updated guidelines.] Click HERE for more information



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