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Before you read this page, I am going to encourage you to spend four important minutes and watch the short video below.

I explain in detail, some of the most important facts that you MUST know about qualifying for the Washington State USDA Home Loan.

The information that you are about to learn will save you time, money and stress as you begin your journey to buying a home in the Pacific Northwest with the USDA Zero Down Home Loan. Enjoy!


The Top 2 Qualifying Requirements for a USDA Home Loan

The Washington State USDA Home Loan is a great option for Puget Sound homebuyers, but not everyone may qualify for this program.  There are 2 major criteria that prospective USDA homebuyers need to research prior to moving forward with USDA financing –

(1) The home must be located in a USDA Eligible Region

(click on the button below to download a map or type in a specific property address to determine USDA eligibility)


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Another important question that is often asked, “Do I qualify for a USDA Home Loan after a bankruptcy, short sale or foreclosure?”  I answer that question in a 2011 Fox Business News interview.  Click here to read the guidelines.

USDA Property Specific Requirements

In order for the home to qualify for USDA financing, you learned above that it must be located in a USDA eligible region.  Once you find a home that meets that criteria, it must now meet the functional standards of USDA.

Over the past few years, after talking with multiple USDA underwriters, USDA appraisers and funding over 100 USDA Home Loans, I’ve put together a USDA Property Eligibility Cheat Sheet to help save you time, money and stress.  You can download it by clicking on the link below.

IMPORTANT – This step is often overlooked by Realtors. USDA Eligible Properties MUST meet a certain condition criteria

Washington State USDA Home Loan.

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