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VA Mortgage Concierge PacketWelcome to Puget Sound’s VA Home Loan Resource Center.  You finally have a LOCAL resource here in the State of Washington that processes, underwrites, funds, and services VA Home Loans for active duty service men and women, Veterans, and disabled Veterans.

I tell all of my VA clients this –  I’ve spend the better part of my career mastering the VA Home Loan approval process so that when it comes to purchasing a home with your VA benefits, you have someone that you can count on to get accurate information, execute quickly for you, help you secure a great rate, and introduce you to solid financial resources.

Below you will find everything you need to know about beginning the VA Home Loan Approval Process:

The 2-Step Process For Getting Approved

(1) Complete our secure online application here – VA Mortgage Application
(2) Review Our VA Mortgage Concierge Packet – Preview Here
(please pay special attention to page 4- “Items Needed To Process Your VA Loan”)

Benefits of the VA Home Loan

(1) Zero Down up to $592,250
(2) No monthly PMI (private mortgage insurance)
(3) Qualify with as low as a 580 credit score
(4) Very low 30-yr fixed rates

Specific Areas We Serve In Washington State

I consult Veterans and active duty service men and women all over the state of Washington.  Primarily in areas around:
(1) Seattle (our offices are located up and down I-5 from Vancouver, WA to Bellingham
(2) Naval Station Everett
(3) Kitsap Naval Base
(4) Naval Air Station Whidbey Island
(5) Fairchild and McCord Air Force Bases
(6) Fort Lewis Army Base

Washington State VA Loan Limits (2016)

King County – $592,250
Snohomish County -$592,250
Pierce County -$592,250
Island County – $424,100
Most other counties in WA – $424,100

Understanding Your VA Funding Fee

One of the great perks of the VA home loan program is the ability to not have a down payment, nor do you have to pay private mortgage insurance (for putting down less than 20%). The VA uses the VA funding fee to fund the VA home loan program. The VA funding fee is a mandatory, one-time fee per transaction and is typically financed into the loan at closing.
The fee varies:
(1) First time use – 2.15% Funding Fee
(2) Subsequent use (more than once) – 3.3%
(3) Disabled Veteran – 0% (no funding fee collected)
(4) Make a 5% down payment -1.50%
(5) Make a 10% down payment – 1.25%
(6) Reserves/National Guard – 2.4%

Items Needed To Process Your VA Home Loan

(1) Complete our secure VA mortgage application – CLICK HERE
(2) Copy of your ID
(3) Copy of your DD-214
(4) Copy of your LES (active duty only)
(5) Most recent 30-days paystubs
(6) Most recent 2 years W2s
(7) Most recent 2 years Tax Returns
(8) Copy of current lease agreement (if renting)
(9) Copy of mortgage statement (if you own a home)
(10) Copy of asset/retirement statements (all pages please)
(11) Copy of last two months bank statements (all pages please)


Choosing The Right Real Estate Agent

I’ve funded hundreds of VA home loans and the few that close rough typically are a result of the real estate agents involved NOT understanding the VA Home Loan Program as it relates to the real estate transaction. Make sure that you are working with a real estate agent that has worked with VA home buyers and sellers before. Ask you real estate agent for a list of the last 3 VA buyers they served. Contact them for a reference check. I have a list of the top VA real estate agents that I recommend if you need.

Let Me Buy You A Coffee & Help You

The next step, in my opinion, is the most important step.  This  is where I get to sit down with you and you help me learn more about your current situation, your goals, and budget.  After I have a chance to evaluate your credit, income, entitlement amount, along with your financial goals, I will be able to help you build the perfect budget that you can center your home buying experience around!

We Are Here To Serve You

About three paragraphs up on your right (in the sidebar) you’ll find a short form to fill-out. Take a minute, fill out that More Info/Rate Quote form and I’ll reach out to you immediately to get you more information.

I want to be your VA mortgage advisor and serve you! I have a team of VA expert advisors in my office waiting to help you.  We look forward to the opportunity to connect with you, share our gratitude for you, and serve you in financing your home!  I can always be reached directly at (425) 350-7136 (text or call) or you can email me at

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service to our GREAT country!

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