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If you are not involved with the Snohomish County Realtors YPN (Young Professionals Network) local meet-ups, I would encourage you to get involved with this great local organization. Big kudos to Jennifer Lind, John L. Scott Mukilteo and a few other great people behind the scenes for organizing these types of events and caring enough about the forward progress and growth of our local RE markets.

As one of the guest speakers on the panel, I wanted to briefly re-cap what I took away from each one of the presenters. Likewise, if you would like to connect with any of the panel members and YPN leaders (I strongly encourage you to), I have given you their preferred social networks to do so in the video.

The “Ask the Expert Panel:

– Barb Lamoureaux (Lamoureaux Real Estate)
– Tana Lehman (John L. Scott Mukilteo)
– Dan Keller (Hometown Lending)
– Michael Orbino (John L. Scott Bellevue)

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