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Dan Keller Mortgage Planning Meeting Presentation.

Please watch this short video! .

I’ve made this short video message for you to help save you money and time; AND to remove the anxiety out of getting approved for a home loan… .

1. Apply online – Secure Online Mortgage Application
2. Review ALL PAGES of my Mortgage Planning Guide – Dan Keller Mortgage Concierge Packet
(see pp. 6 – “Items Necessary To Process Your Loan” for a complete list of the required docs you need to gather)
3. Scan your financial docs to us at  –
Once you’ve completed steps 1 and 2, you can expect a phone call within 24-hours from Jason Hoskins my pre-approval specialist. At that time, Jason will set-up your mortgage planning meeting with me!  Here is a sneak peak into our mortgage planning meeting – Dan Keller Mortgage Planning Meeting Presentation. .

(PS – That meeting will be one of the most valuable meetings you’ve ever had. We will review your credit, loan options, dial-in your budget, and review the 89 ways that you will potentially encounter turbulence during the home buying process, and most importantly, what we have done to help you navigate successfully through that turbulence.  I will also introduce you to the 6 Steps To Financial Freedom CD that I give all of my clients). .
Getting a mortgage is tougher than it has ever been in my career.
 To help simplify the process and help you better understand what to expect next, I’ve created a short (but powerful) 4-part video series outlining the key ingredients for a successful home buying experience. . You can watch my 4 Part “What To Expect Next” Video Series below.  I will also email each of these videos to you during each phase of the home buying process to remind you of what’s up ahead and to ease your mind (PS – I’d recommend watching all four videos sooner than later (and pay close attention too…).  Your home loan approval depends on it!)


VIDEO #1  – What To Expect Next Now That You Are  Pre-Approved


VIDEO #2 – What To Expect Now That My Offer Has Been Accepted (Mutal Acceptance)


VIDEO #3 – What To Expect Next Now That I am Cleared To Close


VIDEO #4 – What To Expect Next Now That I Have A New Home Loan


Please feel free to call my production partner Jason Hoskins at (206) 295-5433 Mon-Fri/8a-5p (or email us at In the evenings or on weekends, you can reach me via text at (425) 350-7136 or e-mail.


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. We Look forward to serving You!.

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